Defenders of the MetaSpark

Defenders of the MetaSpark are an engineering class society.
Coming to Flare on January 22, 2023
From the Sparkles Team


The Defenders of the MetaSpark are an engineering class society who exist in a distant time and reality.


When many planets became uninhabitable, the Defenders not only survived, but flourished in a highly sophisticated symbiotic ecosystem with AI.


Today they explore the cosmos, not for conquest, but to increase their knowledge and form new alliances.

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Each Defender has a unique relationship with their AI MetaSpark orb. They have evolved to develop a symbiotic relationship from an early age.

Each Defender has an ability which they have crafted and refined with the connection and energy from their MetaSpark.

Metaspark Roadmap



Metaverse Ready 3D Assets.

Each NFT comes with an FBX file that can be uploaded to any compatible game or metaverse built using Unreal Engine.


High Resolution PFP.

Each NFT comes with a high resolution PFP for use on social media and gaming accounts to really make your profile pop.


Metaverse Integration.

Be prepared to roam the metaverse with your Defender and take part in community gatherings at the Defenders HQ (in NetVRk and other Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) metaverses).


On-Chain IP Licensing.

NFT intellectual property rights can be, at best confusing and unclear and, at worst nonexistent. Setting the standard within the ecosystem, the Defenders will be the first NFTs on Flare to have on-chain intellectual property licenses attached, providing clarity for owners and enabling creativity with owned assets.


Hover Bikes.

What are cool characters if they don’t have their own hover bike to drive around the streets with!


Storytelling NFTs.

The Defenders have extensive lore and backstory that will be published into digital comic NFTs. Community is also able to submit scenarios and ideas to further expand and tailor the Defenders lore.


Defenders of the MetaSpark (Female Edition).

A female characters drop, more details TBA.


P&E Gaming.

Following integration of the DOTM into Netvrk, DOTM owners can to participate in Netvrk’s dual currency model, receiving “prime” currency for in-game action on a sliding scale, whilst being rewarded with “premium” currency for other specific selected in-game actions. Defenders will also be integrated into other play-and-earn (P&E) games in future.


P&O Game.

Moving beyond the play-to-earn (P2E) model, Defenders of the MetaSpark will produce a play-and-own (P&O) gaming experience, providing real ownership of in-game items as NFTs as you progress, giving players security, pride and status, in addition to the option of trading items on

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