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The Defenders of the MetaSpark NFTs will have the following utility:

  • A 2% allocation of SNFT token has been reserved for DOTM NFT holders. SNFT will be the native token of the Sparkles NFT marketplace. The SNFT tokens will be distributed evenly to DOTM NFT holders.

  • Each 3D character is fully rigged, metaverse compatible, optimised for Unreal Engine and designed with AAA game level modelling and detailing.

  • FBX files of Defenders will be available for each NFT owner.

  • Every character will be an integral part of a full series of assets required to play a future collaborative game.

  • MetaSpark loot box holders receive a hover bike, plus other ongoing surprises.

  • Extra hidden utility for holders of DOTM characters with specific traits.

  • More hidden utility such as, but not limited to, future metaverse project collaborations.

  • For every Defender minted a tree will be planted to offset any carbon emissions in continuation of Sparkles mission and vision to have a positive climate impact.



Metaverse Ready 3D assets.

Each NFT comes with an FBX File that can be uploaded to any compatible game or metaverse built using Unreal Engine.


Metaverse Integration.

Be prepared to roam the metaverse with your Defender and take part in community gatherings at the Defenders HQ (in NetVRk and other Unreal Engine 5 metaverses).


Comic Book.

The Defenders have extensive lore and backstory that will be published into digital comic NFTs. Community is also able to submit scenarios and ideas to further expand and tailor the Defenders lore.


Hover Bikes.

What are cool characters if they don’t have their own hover bike to drive around the streets with!


Defenders of the MetaSpark (Female Edition)

A female characters drop, more details TBA


P2O Game.

Moving beyond the play-to-earn (P2E) model, Defenders of the MetaSpark will produce a play-to-own (P2O) gaming experience, providing real ownership of in-game items as NFTS as you progress, giving players security, pride and status, in addition to the option of trading items on sparklesnft.com.